Today I travelled to Melbourne to visit my aunty, who was hosting a lunch for various family and extended family members. To get there, we had to travel along Eastlink, a tolled road that takes you to the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Along the way, there are plenty of green and orange perspex panels that line the road, seemingly purely for decoration. Turns out that due to a parallax effect, they make a really neat long exposure photo!

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And here’s another shot from Mayday Hills. I do have other photos asides from ones taken at this location, you know. Just check out my portfolio!

This place really gave me the creeps. Nowhere else on the tour did as much as this location. I guess partly because there was a bed down there, all set up, and it looked like it had been slept in recently. One of my big fears when exploring places like this, is meeting someone inside, when you don’t know they’re there. Continue reading

I’ve been out to the wreck of the S.S. Speke at Phillip Island before, but had always wanted to go back again during different weather. So yesterday during our 11 hour trip away from home, I did just that. I had almost decided against it, because I didn’t have my sturdy shoes on, plus you have to climb up a steep hill, battle the heavy winds across the top of the cliff (a few meters from an electric fence), then descend an even steeper hill (where I almost sprained my ankle last time). But as we did a U-turn at the entrance, I thought back to Friday. We had our monthly Google+ hangout for The Arcanum. +Ron Clifford joined in and told some great stories of not wanting to go out taking photos because it was horrible and wet or too far or whatever, but in the end going out and doing it, and catching some amazing shots.

So I said “You know what? Bugger it.”, pulled back in and walked up and over to the wreck. I had to toss my tripod down the hill because it was getting in my way (and I had no straps to attach it to my camera bag), but I managed to get down the wreck and take some great shots, about half an hour before the tide started rolling in.

If you ever feel like something isn’t worth it, do it anyway. You’ll be surprised at the results.