A while ago I backed MIOPS, a high-speed camera trigger, on Kickstarter. The idea being, a sub-$200 high speed camera trigger that has support for sound, lightning, laser tripping, time-lapse, HDR or a mix of all the above. You can control it via Bluetooth, using the buttons and colour display on top of the unit, or via a cable that plugs directly into your phone’s audio jack and camera (and operates using sound. Very nifty!)

I had some fun doing high-speed photos (keep an eye out for more posts about this, coming soon), but on the Easter long weekend, I was given the chance to test out the time-lapse feature at Mayday Hills lunatic asylum in Beechworth, Victoria. We walked up to the women’s wing and into a room overlooking the courtyard. I set my camera up, attached my MIOPS, set it to take a shot every 10 seconds, then let it go for two hours while we walked around the place taking photos. The results are amazing:


I used Lightroom, and LRTimelapse 3 to deflicker my shots (as MIOPS doesn’t have bulb ramping yet) and added my logo in Windows Movie Maker (a great program for doing quick movie stuff where you don’t need the world.

I’ll do a better review of MIOPS soon, as I’m still playing with the various settings, but I thought I’d share a successful time-lapse