3D Printing Camera Accessories

Last night I printed what has arguably been my first useful thing on my Buccaneer. I came across this lens cap holder a little while ago, but didn’t think to print it until last night. I needed to change the dimensions, so I took the Thing into Thingiverse’s customizer, adjusted the parameters, save it to my account, then printed it.

“Customizer” is a feature on Thingiverse that lets you easily modify certain objects. For example, the lens cap holder let me change the strap width and lens cap diameter without needing to touch any other programs — I simply typed into the text box what my strap’s width was (38mm) and what my lens diameter was (77mm)  and it gave me back a file that I could shove straight into the Buccaneer app and print. There are plenty of other customizable things out there, from music boxes to luggage tags and almost everything else inbetween.

The cap holder was incredibly tough to get on (and off) my strap, as there was literally no wriggle room, so next time I might try 39mm wide instead. As you can see from the image above, I eventually managed to get the holder on, and get my straps back on in the right orientation, but it took a fair amount of struggling and bending to get it on there!


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