The Pebble watch app

Things have been rather quiet on the photography front, but they’ve been super busy on the programming front. I’ve been writing my own app for the Pebble smart watch. The watch app, which is a miniature front-end for my new aurora hunting website,, is written in Pebble.js using CloudPebble and was tons of fun to create.

You can grab a beta version of the app from the store. It shows you the current weather for your location, tiny coloured gauges for speed, density and Bz, plus current, 1 hour and 4 hour Kp readings, and a three day Kp forecast that also shows up on your timeline.

I’m also working on an Android (and possibly iOS) mobile app, based around the website. It’s not ready to go yet, but I hope to have it done by mid-year, earlier if possible. This’ll be my first official foray into writing a mobile app, so it’s all very exciting. Pebble watch mobile app (alpha version)

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